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Amelia McLean sitting at a grand piano in a red dress, photographed by Jessica Amerson Photography.


A third generation musician, Amelia McLean is a seasoned performer who effortlessly combines elegance with authenticity. With 10 years of classical piano training and a rich, velvety voice that transcends time and genre, Amelia has a lifelong dedication to her gifts that has led to a prolific performing career of over 8 years throughout the US. Specializing in intimate and exclusive atmospheres, Amelia brings a unique blend of sophistication and warmth to private gatherings, dinner parties, weddings and more. 


Amelia possesses over 7 years of experience working with luxury brand resorts, private communities, exclusive clubs, and private clientele in Arizona, Tennessee, California, and beyond. Her success extends into the competitive arena, where she achieved 1st place in a statewide talent competition, after which she went on to compete on the national stage and became a Top 40 finalist on American Idol in 2020.


As a vocalist, Amelia's style echoes the timeless elegance embodied by artists such as Norah Jones and Diana Krall. Her set list spans the captivating realms of classic jazz stylings, soulful storytelling from 70s singer-songwriters, and iconic hits from pop legends across various decades. Each performance is a refined journey through the rich tapestry of musical history. Experience the luxury of a musical voyage curated to enhance the elegance of your special occasion.


Amelia excels in creating a luxury musical ambience tailored for smaller groups and intimate settings. Specializing in venues such as cozy clubs and lounges, wineries, private dinner parties, and in-home events, she also curates the perfect atmosphere for significant moments like bridal processions and first dances at weddings.


In addition to solo performances, Amelia can provide duo or trio experiences with added guitar/bass/rhythm options. With a diverse repertoire spanning classical melodies, timeless jazz stylings, and popular tunes from various eras, Amelia delivers a warm and easy-listening style. Committed to personalization, she ensures her performance aligns seamlessly with the theme and style of your event, transforming it into a truly special and memorable occasion.

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